Roca Moo y Roca Bar

Barcelona, 2013


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Collaborators: Anna Badia
Area: 386 m2
Customer: Grupo Tragaluz
Photographer: Olga Planas

After ten years working together, the OMM Hotel team and the Roca Brothers, commissioned  Tarruella&Trenchs Interior Design Studio to update the spatial configuration and aesthetics of the restaurant accordingly to the changes and the renovated gastronomic offer they have carried out this winter.

The transformation has been to adapt the space, capacity and comfort of the ROCAMOO to its gastronomic level, adding a new attraction, a main central kitchen-bar, where one can taste and see the preparation of dishes, and to turn the area of the Movida, now named ROCABAR, into a more dynamic, young, casual and versatile space.