FreshPerts Europa

Barcelona, 2020


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Elsa Noms
Area: 100 m2
Customer: Sushifresh, S.L.
Photographer: Salva Lopez

With the Freshperts expansion plan, we began by reforming the second existing store, located on calle Europa, in Barcelona.

The morphology of the premises is totally different from the first; Unlike the first, a corner unit with large glass façades, this place is rectangular in shape, with a narrow façade and a fairly deep space.

With this dimension of the façade, the two independent accesses are lost, the one for riders and the one for customers. With this limitation, it was decided to connect the interior with the exterior, opening a sash window on the façade so that the riders can pick up the orders and do not have to enter the premises and interfere with the circulation of customers.

The carpentry and signage also adapts to this new type of premises and the essence and brand image is maintained with the vertical wooden battens that give the façade verticality and materiality, allowing the transparency and visibility of the premises, taking advantage of the maximum entrance of natural light. This wooden carpentry serves as a support for the light signs with the cut-out methacrylate letters, hung at different heights, so that the client understands the different restaurants that are offered inside.

Once inside the premises, as it is so narrow and depending on the operating needs, the counters are arranged in a row, providing dynamism and versatility and preventing the creation of a narrow aisle. In such a way that the counters are interspersed one in front of the other, while adapting to the irregular shape of the premises.

Next to the façade, the service, payment and order pick-up counter for customers is where all the orders coming from the different kitchens that are developed below are prepared and bagged, placed in a row.

Next, we locate the Sushifresh counter, the star counter of Freshperts, lined with black oak wood with a charred effect, breathing the Japanese essence.

Next to it, the Fish&greens and Rainbowls counter with a vegetarian food proposal with a fresher and more youthful aesthetic made of natural oak wood.

The last counter that is placed next is that of Boko Hotto, with Asian inspiration made of handmade tiles that line the entire furniture in ocher and toasted tones, where they prepare hot Asian food. And on this piece of furniture a large black iron hood is designed with the stamping of the brand.

In front of the counters, on the opposite wall, wooden bars with stools are designed to be able to taste the dishes and to expand the space, large mirrors with an iron frame are designed, hanging from the wall.