Club de Golf Emporda

Girona, 2020


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Blanca Comin
Collaborators: Pia Galofre, Anna Torndelacreu
Area: 750 m2
Customer: Emesa Global Asset Management
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer, BSide Rendering image

“For the remodeling project of the Empordà Golf Club house, the intention was to achieve a more current, welcoming atmosphere and aligned with the new image of the club.  The new layout is clearer, more transparent and functional. Both interior and exterior spaces interact better, and there is more visibility of the different areas.

Our work focused on the reception, apparel and golf goods retail store, members’ service, the restaurant – which now has a salad bar, drinks and tapas area, a fireplace lounge, restrooms, the director’s office and a TV and Entertainment area for members.

The project aimed to transform the offices and storage spaces, reception, and a small shop area into a common area, opened and with views towards the two main facades of the building. A spacious and bright space where guests can make an appointment, buy or try clubs, gloves, balls or any golf clothes and accessories.

Upon entering, an information panel and a large room welcomes guests.  They serve as central axis from which the members’ service desk-reception and golf shop are distributed to the right, and to the left, a large display exposes more luxurious goods. Perpendicular to the rear glazing facade, we designed some display cabinets to expose and store clothes, and in a less busy and quiet corner, the display area of clubs, shoes, and golf bags was placed.  All these displays were custom made in walnut wood, raw steel and leather.

The walls and ceilings were finished with lime paint, and a continuous sand-colored flooring covered the old imitation ceramic stoneware, which gives it transparency, freshness, and without the use of any unnecessary elements.

We opened one of the facades to allow a better connection to the outside during the warmer seasons with the outdoor space and terrace.

In the dining room, we laid out the space in a way that the bar was placed at the most visible side when viewed from the club’s entrance and retail store, and from the members’ outdoor circulation. Due to the fact the bar is the noisiest area in a restaurant, we decided to lower the ceiling and cover it with walnut slats and an acoustic reduction material.

The freestanding bar is made of Levante cream marble.

We managed to keep the display area with the right cold temperature to preserve the food that is being served throughout the day: pastries and sandwiches at breakfast, display of salads and tapas for lunch, etc. In addition, we included a coffee maker and a bottle rack filled with liquors.

We lowered the ceiling of the main space with canes and an acoustic reduction material to give more comfort, for both acoustics and rustic aesthetics that was more appropriate to the space. Also, with cane shades we changed the proportion of the windows, by hanging them from a much higher level, they provide a slimmer and more appropriate proportion to the existing room size.

Within this space, a large raw steel table acts as a distribution axis to allow different ways of sitting around it, and at the same time, it supports the waiters and allows a large lampshade and a centerpiece of native vegetation to be placed for both decorative purposes and to mark the center of the space.

On the right side of the kitchen, there is another living room with a fireplace meant for enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail by the fire.

The terrace is furnished in the same way, with furniture that allows guests to sit in different ways, to enjoy a meal, have a drink or simply wait for friends.”