Chiqui Santander Fase II

Santander, 2020


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Elsa Noms
Collaborators: Mariona Guàrdia
Area: 1.500 m2
Customer: Fernando Sebrango
Photographer: Salva Lopez

We started Phase II of the second commission from the Sebrango family, after having carried out the renovation of the PANORAMA restaurant and the Common Areas of the Hotel Chiqui.

This Phase consists on the design of the rooms and the realization of the solarium with an infinity pool, overlooking Santander’s Sardinero beach.

Rewinding to the origin of the concept, we were inspired by the image that was designed for Panorama and the hotel’s common areas, where we chose a casual and refreshing design. A color hue of natural tones was used with some blue and green accents.

On the headboard, we repeated the use of natural fiber materials – such as basketry- that are reminiscent of the parasols used by beachgoers during the early 19th Century, and large rugs that hang over the bed.

This materiality is combined with warm colors and noble materials on the floor, walls, and ceilings in stone tones having a subtle and elegant aesthetic.

The suites were designed around a central stair patio, that leads to the roof deck and provides natural light to the corridor. We kept the same criteria as in Panorama: to emphasize the views towards the bay.

The key is distributed with the bathroom adjacent to the entrance, a living room, and bedroom with exterior views. The large wall that unfolds and unifies all the rooms is finished with graphic images of plastic elements, providing vitality and personality to the space.

Following the client’s request, the day area can be used as either a living room or sleeping area, since the sofas were designed as single sofa beds. In addition, sliding doors separate the two spaces, allowing the rooms to be divided at night or left open during the day to provide more natural light to the entire space.

The wall of the living room is resolved with a texture made of vertical wooden slats in green tones that serve as both a wainscot and as a background of the sofa area.

Special attention was given to the furniture selection of the room, including light metal tables, a ball-shaped paper lamp on the corner of the living room, an oak wood desk, and suspended lamps or sconces on the headboard.

The bathroom maintains the aesthetics of the room, but provides light and character, finishing the walls and floors in white marble.

On the top floor, there is the landscaped roof deck. Different heights allow to have a variety of spaces, including: a cocktail area, a sun deck area and outdoor showers. The infinity pool is designed as a raised plinth with a 1.40m height so that the bottom line of the sea visually fades with the pool water. The water overflows on all sides, to provide a seamless boundary between the seawater and the pool.

In addition to combining the heights of the platforms, the tones and size of the stoneware flooring was varied, to allow for better zoning purposes. The interior of the pool was resolved in various heights to allow different uses: for swimming, sunbathing or sitting. This open space allows guests to contemplate the wonderful views of the bay and the city’s skyline.

Plants were placed around the perimeter to give privacy to hotel guests, and not be seen from the street. Also, the glass guardrails were also hidden to make guests feel comfortable and at home.