Palma de Mallorca , 2023


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Blanca Comín
Collaborators: Alex Vila
Area: 204m2 interior y 160 exteriores.
Customer: Forch Med
Photographer: Salva López

Brutus restaurant Interior renovation. Perico Cortés has commissioned Sandra Tarruella Interioristas studio to design the new Brutus restaurant, located in Plaza Gomila, the center of one of Palma’s most emblematic neighborhoods, El Terreno. Until the 1980s, it was the most glamorous neighborhood in Palma, frequented by prestigious artists and writers; however, in recent decades, it experienced a decline.
The GOMILA project was born with the initiative of the Fluxà family, owners of the Mallorcan shoe brand Camper. They acquired several buildings and plots in the square and commissioned architects GRAS and MVRDV to develop a revitalization project, with a total of 7 buildings with their own chromaticism and identity.

In the white building, we find Brutus, the Italian restaurant. Its name refers to Brutalism, the architectural movement of the 1950s, reflected in the use of concrete, gray tones… characteristics that served as a starting point for the renovation of the space, maintaining part of the original structure with exposed coffers, walls, pillars, and concrete floors.

The restaurant, with an open kitchen area, offers brunch, lunch, and dinner services. In addition, three large bars (bar, preparation, and cooking) have been installed in the center of the premises, making it a dynamic space where diners can see the preparation of dishes.
Two large mosaic carpets define the interior renovation of the Brutus restaurant, while also allowing for round and square tables to accommodate different groups. Tables with benches are also used for large groups, and a lounge has been created at the entrance for waiting or enjoying a cocktail.

The connection between the interior and the terrace is achieved through accordion-style carpentry, allowing for a smooth transition. The terrace, designed as an extension of the interior, features a topography of pots at different heights, illuminated at night to create a magical atmosphere. The carob tree, a native tree of the island, was chosen for its robust appearance, strong leaves, and sweet fruits.

The furniture in the project is mainly made of Ipé and Teak wood. Tables and benches were designed to measure to bring warmth to the space. The use of primary color, characteristic of brutalism, is incorporated by painting structural beams, the pizza oven, decorative lamps, and the bathrooms.

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