Madrid, 2008


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Sandra Tarruella, Isabel López y Ricard Trenchs
Collaborators: Marc López, Cecilia Moretti, Laura Muñoz
Area: 616 m²
Customer: Restaurante O'Pazo
Photographer: Montse Garriga

The design idea, for the new O’pazo restaurant, was to create a timeless space, where luxury was based on comfort and not in appearance. We sought to create a modern space based on a functional distribution that enabled to expand the space along with a selection of natural materials that aged with dignity.

The patina of time on the material, gives the restaurant that vital experience which enriches it and makes it feel lived. People who enjoy this ambience feel comfortable in it and associate their unique experience as an experience already shared by others before. The idea of a newly remodeled place is discarded, and on the contrary, a comfortable, lived place is created, where a remarkable past enhances the space; being the main objective of the remodeling project, by giving a new image to the restaurant, yet maintaining its tradition and character.

These materials, along with antique pieces and its combination with a sober design, create the perfect balance between old and modern. It is the right fusion that achieves a sleek design ambience that is not outdated.