Standard Pizza

Barcelona, 2022


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Blanca Comín
Collaborators: Anna Torndelacreu
Area: 215 m2
Customer: Standard Pizza
Photographer: Salva López

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas studio has designed the Standard Pizza restaurant, located at 28 Buenos Aires Street in Barcelona. Our clients, Melinda and Vinko, decided to open their third Standard Pizza in the city of Barcelona following their previous locations in Antwerp and St Gilles, maintaining the Belgian essence that characterizes them.

The simplicity, the light tones referring to flour – the main ingredient – and the boldness of the materials used, such as solid oak wood, take us back to that Belgian style, where the walls and ceilings have been painted with lime wash paint to provide texture and naturalness.  A floured patina has been applied to the existing pine flooring to create harmony with the rest of the materials and their color palette.

On the ground floor, we began working with a narrow, low and dimly lit room. We also exposed the vaulted ceiling and finished the walls with mirrors to gain visual amplitude and change the perception of the space and its previous proportions.

On the rear of the premises, is where the open and visible kitchen is located, with a central preparation bar and an oven. We opened this space towards the interior patio, so that natural light can enter and we filled the space with natural plants. It is the ideal setting to work, and see how the dishes that diners are going to taste are prepared.

The lighting is resolved with an exposed cable installation that runs through the entire space, illuminating the space with spot lights to light up tables, plants, and workspaces. As well as with the use of a selection of designer decorative lamps, including:  the Disa by Coderch, which welcomes diners at the entrance, or the Bohemia by Joan Gaspar that crowns the final round table in the basement, and that give character to the space.

The challenge of the basement floor was to convert a dark space into a pleasant dining room for large parties. We decided to apply backlit fabric panels to hide installations and distribute the light evenly, by creating a functional and luminous space.

The backlit panels where upholstered with a linen fabric to evoke those fabrics used to wrap pizza dough.

All the furniture of the project, including: shelves, tables and banquettes, where custom-made. Solid oak woods and natural stones were the materials used for that purpose.

To add a touch of color, linen cushions by Libeco were selected, among others.

For the terrace, a set of green elements were proposed, including: lacquered metal outdoor furniture, sunshades and vegetation placed in clay pots.