Shiro by Paco Perez

Peralada, 2020


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Sandra Tarruella
Collaborators: Blanca Comin, Anna Torndelacreu, Pia Galofre
Customer: Hotel Peralada Wine Spa & Golf
Photographer: Marc Morera

“At Sandra Tarruella Interioristas studio, we designed the Shiro restaurant for the Peralada group, and consolidate Paco Pérez’s gastronomic offer that started in 2020 in the Castle’s gardens.

The restaurant is located inside the pavilions designed by GCA in the gardens of the Peralada Castle, where a summer Festival takes place. Being a space that was dedicated to events, the first challenge was to prepare an open space with very high ceilings and be able to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere for this new use.

We have converted the secondary operation access to the kitchen into the main entrance. The new space is generated under a sloping metal sheet roof that is accessed through a large pivoting wooden door with a backlit logo.

Due to the fact it is an Asian restaurant, it has led us to use an oriental and elegant aesthetic, where all the elements are well balanced, allowing the space to have a circulation that works in a comfortable ambience.

As a backdrop for the space, we have used a natural fiber cladding, forming an irregular grid in different directions, which generates shadows closely related to Asian aesthetics and allows us to hide the entrances to the kitchen, restrooms and cloakroom.

The layout of the room is resolved by placing a large table near the kitchen exit that allows it to be a central axis and as a support table for waiters to use.  It is sculpted and handmade with black MDF board, and having rounded shapes (Fusteriajvidal). The banquette that runs through the perimeter of the space is located at the rear of the premises, allowing to see the entire space and the castle in the background. Double tables with a wrought steel structure and polished Dekton tabletops are located along the large glazing facade and round walnut or bush-hammered stone tables are placed in the center.

The use of linen curtains placed on wrought steel bars allows to combine heights and double layers in a way that filters the light without blocking the views of the Castle.

The most important intervention is the special design of the three large flower-shaped lamps made of paper with a metal structure that provides warmth, makes perceive height in a more comfortable scale and evokes oriental aesthetics.

We have enhanced the lighting by using spotlights with a warm light temperature and highly concentrated illumination to create a dramatic ambience on tables and plants.

The decorative implementation is carried out by using some almond trees in bloom that refer to the end of winter and the beginning of spring, which is the moment when the restaurant opens. To add a wink to the ambience and its tradition, we wanted to use images from one of the operas performed at the Peralada festival, Madamme butterfly, which has an Asian aesthetic reference.”