Saona Las Tablas

Madrid, 2018


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Mariona Guàrdia
Collaborators: Núria Martínez
Area: 170 m2
Customer: Grupo Saona
Photographer: Salva Lopez

The new Saona restaurant is located in the Las Tablas neighborhood of Madrid. The interior design proposal maintains the essence that we already worked on in the previous premises of this group. The intention is to transfer to this new location its own character and brand image that presents a cosmopolitan, fresh and comfortable atmosphere, with Mediterranean touches.

A lattice of wooden slats and a mirror welcomes you from the street and also extends to create a privacy filter with the tables that are closest to the access.

Several environments are differentiated thanks to the chosen furniture: In the entrance space, a communal table with a backdrop of wooden slats and an open shelf; a relaxed and relaxed lounge area; and finally a multipurpose area with tables.

A wooden grid on the ceiling with the same rhythm and composition as the windows on the façade articulates these spaces.