Reforma Agua

Barcelona, 2011


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Laura Muñoz
Collaborators: Elsa Noms, Catina Verdera
Area: 250 m2
Customer: Grupo Tragaluz
Photographer: Olga Planas

The Mediterranean invades the Agua restaurant, thus, sea, sun and sand form part of a space that reinvents the offended “chiringito” beach.

The Agua restaurant displays all its appeal thanks to the colorful project. Located right on the beach in the Olympic Village of Barcelona, ​​the idea was clear from the beginning: it was about creating an urban beach bar, almost as a tribute to those others who disappeared from the Barceloneta beach and where the sea was the most significant. All this translates into the sand-sea-sun trinomial, whose colors are the essence of the place.