Puro Market

Borken, 2022


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Núria Martínez
Collaborators: Olga Pajares y Àlex Vila
Area: 363m2
Customer: Puro Market
Graphic design: RUN Design

Puro Market restaurant design, the main purpose is to create a cozy space that becomes a meeting and leisure point for local residents, following the slow food philosophy. The owner aims to give this new restaurant in the center of Borken a Mediterranean touch to generate a relaxed atmosphere and evoke memories of holidays in the South.

The team at Sandra Tarruella Interioristas, along with Núria Martínez, Blanca Comín, and Alex Vila, drew inspiration from images of markets from around the world, especially those with Mediterranean influence.

During the renovation, noble materials and natural colors were chosen to support the owners’ slow philosophy, using a lime paint in a greenish tone for the walls, natural oak wood, and a stone-like flooring to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere throughout the space.