Puro Market

Borken, 2022


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Núria Martínez
Collaborators: Olga Pajares y Àlex Vila
Area: 363m2
Customer: Puro Market
Graphic design: RUN Design

PURO is a new restaurant concept located in the center of Borken, a small town in northwestern Germany. It includes several counters with different types of cuisine, to fulfill our client’s request to design a pleasant space for the citizens of the city, by provided them a new meeting and leisure point, following the slow food philosophy. The idea of the owner is to give it a Mediterranean touch, so that it reminds them of their vacations in the South, and thus, allowing them to feel more relaxed.

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas, together with Núria Martínez, Blanca Comín and Alex Vila selected images from world markets as inspiration, especially those with a Mediterranean influence. In addition, the use of noble materials and natural colors that support the slow philosophy of the owners were implemented. A lime paint with a greenish tone was the main color used on the premises, together with natural oak wood on wall surfaces and a flooring with a stone appearance were selected for the entire space to unify it and create a warm and cozy ambience.

The shop is long and narrow, but with a direct exterior façade, where lots of natural light filters inside. Its facade overlooks the two main squares of the city, where the two entrances to the restaurant are located, and having large windows facing the street that joins both squares. In our project, and being aware of the importance of natural light in Germany, all the openings of the facades were used to place tables. Therefore, guests can feel the openness of the premises. In addition, and due to the small surface area of the premises, terraces covered with pergolas were also designed in both of the city squares, allowing to increment the restaurant’s seating capacity.

At the main entrance of the restaurant, there is a market area, which surely is the most representative space in this restaurant concept. Here, counters specializing in different types of cuisine, along with an area for displaying unprepared products, such as bottles of wine, preserves, pasta, etc. are located. This retail space has a large oak wood shelf placed between walls. It is completely filled with products available to customers, also, some metal boxes were placed in tone with the walls to create a visual rhythm and to be able to differentiate the different product categories.

The counters were finished in different materials to differentiate the product or type of cuisine they serve. Thus, for the BAKERY and DRINKS counter, the same natural oak wood was chosen as on the walls of the premises. For the BOWLS & SALADS counter, white glazed tiles were selected, to evoke the freshness of the product. Finally, black raw steel was chosen for the PINSA counter, which refers to ovens and cooking.

As for the furniture, to give dynamism and versatility to the space, different ways of sitting were designed. Thus, in the main access area, beside the market area and counters, there are two small oak wood bars with stools. Right next to this space, there is a small room that acts as a greenhouse, it is all enclosed by glazing and with views towards the main square, where we placed some stone tables and small armchairs to feel like a small tea room. Continuing towards the interior of the premises, in the narrowest area and along the lateral façade, there are some rectangular tables finished in walnut wood. In the dining room located next to the rear access, there is a continuous bench and square oak tables that allow seating flexibility for different size of parties. Above the bench, on the wood cladded wall, large-format photographs with images of markets have been hung to evoke the main idea of ​​the restaurant, its “leitmotif”.  Finally, on the outside there are a couple of communal tables with benches that give versatility and freshness to the terrace. In addition, to give continuity between both the indoors and outdoors, the same models of chairs were used in both spaces.

Sandra Tarruella studio was also in charge of the creative direction to help define the crockery and other elements that also intervene in the space, always looking for elements of natural and carefree aesthetics, and in accordance with the entire concept of the restaurant. All graphics were designed by the RUN Design team, based on the shadows casted by the sun on objects.