Primera Vaca

Santander, 2021


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Elsa Noms
Collaborators: Núria Martinez
Area: 188 m2
Customer: Grupo Riojano / Carlos Crespo Viadero
Photographer: Bruno San Sebastián - Thisisbrv

Primera Vaca restaurant renovation for the Riojano Group by Carlos Crespo and chef Álex Ortiz, located in the tranquil village of Suesa, near Santander. It is set in a magnificent environment of trails and green fields, with the presence of cows and surfers passing through the area.

The original single-story house has been preserved, but given a special touch by cladding the facade with iroko wood slats. Additionally, an artisan pergola with reed panels has been designed on the access terrace, creating a countryside atmosphere with a rustic air and the perfect transition between the interior and the garden.