La Tienda de Pescaderias Coruñesas

Madrid, 2015


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Anabel Cortina
Area: 129 m2
Customer: Pescaderias Coruñesas
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer

Pescaderías Coruñesas store renovation in Madrid aims to recover the essence of traditional fishmongers. The main goal is to update and give a timeless image to the establishment, which is why a variety of materials evoking authenticity and warmth have been used, such as glazed ceramic, wicker, white marble, and wood.

In the fish counter area, fish trays of different sizes are placed on a white marble surface. This contributes to maintaining the authenticity and charm of classic fishmongers.

For the seafood display, the front has been concealed with a volume covered in micro cement, ensuring adequate lighting through maritime-inspired lamps. This approach not only highlights the products but also adds a contemporary touch.

The new counters for smoked products and reception have been designed as a play of volumes, using reclaimed pine slats and white marble. Behind these counters, old family photographs and a shelving system for displaying preserves have been incorporated, creating a cozy and personalized atmosphere.

The interior lighting of the store has been carefully planned to illuminate the tones of the coverings and provide warm general lighting, filtered by the ceiling panels. This approach helps create a cozy atmosphere and highlights the interior design details.

Regarding the facade, the aesthetics of traditional commerce have been recovered by covering the existing shop windows with vertical proportioned metal joinery. The signage has been directly painted onto these joinery, giving a distinctive and classic touch to the facade.

In summary, the renovation of Pescaderías Coruñesas store in Madrid successfully blends the authenticity of traditional fishmongers with contemporary elements, creating a cozy and attractive space for customers.

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