Club de Golf Peralada

Girona, 2018


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Olga Pajares
Collaborators: Ana Blanco
Area: 140 m2
Customer: Club de Golf Perelada, S.A.U.
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer

Perelada golf shop design aims to significantly improve visibility and functionality while enhancing its strategic location within the hotel.

To visually represent the diversity of directions converging at this point, we traced lines with wooden slats that intertwine on the shop’s ceiling and descend along the walls, transforming into product displays.

Furthermore, the wooden lines on the front wall are articulated, allowing them to fold and become supports for displaying footwear and other accessories, offering flexibility and versatility to the design.

With the priority of making the shop more accessible and easy to navigate, ensuring that the product becomes the focal point was crucial. It needed to be effectively displayed so that customers could quickly grasp the diversity of the offerings. In this context, practical, comfortable, and discreet central elements were designed using oak wood cubes of different sizes and heights. These elements not only add rhythm and dynamism to the space but also efficiently highlight the products.

In summary, the project aims not only for aesthetic improvement but also for functional optimization to enhance the customer experience in the Perelada golf shop design, clearly and attractively showcasing the diversity of products.

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