Santander, 2017


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Elsa Noms
Collaborators: Núria Calderón, Núria Martínez, Laura Fernandez
Area: 1.276 m2
Customer: Fernando Sebrango
Photographer: Salva López
Graphic design: Fauna

The second commission made by the Sebrango family, after doing the design for the Dear Hotel in Madrid, consists of refurbishing part of the common areas of Chiqui Hotel, located on Sardinero beach, in Santander. The project focuses on giving its own identity to the cafeteria to become a restaurant-lounge with the aim of changing its current position and target a younger crowd, by modernizing its spaces with a more Cosmopolitan feel. Also, by improving the accessibility of the hotel’s event rooms and breakfast areas, and provide them with a more noble and contemporary appearance.

This latticework of dark walnut wood laminate is interlaced with lacquered pieces in earthy and blue colors, in a zigzag shape that when backlit, sifting the light and providing depth allowing a subtle glimpse of the atmosphere inside the hotel. This lattice, made of dark walnut wood slats, is interlaced with lacquered pieces in earthy and blue colors, forming a zigzag shape that when backlit, they screen the light and provide depth allowing a subtle glimpse of the ambience inside the hotel.

Inside the dining area, we moved the existing bar  – that was originally located on the rear of the space – to the center of the room to form a central core that enlivens the space. The circulation of both waiters and guests are organized around this bar, finished with dark blue ceramic tiles that bring elegance, combined in some areas of the bar with black stone and walnut finishes.

Around the bar, different spaces are created providing intimacy to the diners, with L-shape banquettes in and sailor stripe cushions that combine with the tables made of oak and walnut. Basketry chairs, reminiscent of the sunshades used by beachgoers during the beginning of the 19th century, are combined with contemporary upholstered Billiani wooden chairs.

At the reception area, the intervention has been more superficial, where the existing cream marble floors and ceilings were maintained. The gloss lacquered counter has been finished in the same color hue of the walls to integrate it with the rest of the space, and a wooden fireplace has been designed as a central element with two large wooden bookcases on each side and the set of sofas and armchairs serving as both a reading and a waiting area of the hotel.