La Xina

Barcelona, 2008


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Sandra Tarruella, Isabel Lopez, Ricard Trenchs y Manel Rodríguez
Collaborators: Marc López, Cecilia Moretti, Isabel Rodriguez, Laura Muñoz
Area: 470 m²
Customer: Grupo Tragaluz
Photographer: Olga Planas
Graphic design: Mario Eskenazi

La Xina restaurant interior renovation was approached with the same focus as was used with the Japanese restaurant. Inspiration was drawn from extensive research with books, movies, and travels, aiming to capture the attractive and evocative essence of Chinese culture. This research served as the foundation to support the Tragaluz Group‘s project in creating a unique Chinese restaurant in Barcelona.

The goal was to convey the authenticity of Chinese culture without falling into stereotypes, leveraging textures, colors, smells, and elements such as kitchen steam, ornate lattice screens, glossy lacquers, aged wood patina, and wall lamps resembling lanterns. The symbolism of the dragon lamp was also incorporated, creating an evocative and authentic atmosphere.

The kitchen was considered a fundamental place in the restaurant’s design, with the premise that customers would enjoy watching the preparation of dishes. Wood, as a noble material, played a central role, using Chinese lattices for wall cladding and space dividers, and aged oak for flooring and furniture cladding.

The lighting was carefully planned, being precise and warm to highlight essential areas and create cozy and intimate spaces. The intention was to highlight the work of the chefs as a central element in the restaurant experience. Overall, the interior renovation of La Xina restaurant achieved a rich, distinctive, and contemporary atmosphere in its concept, reflecting the essence of Chinese culture authentically and uniquely.

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