La Primera

Madrid, 2016


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Mariona Guàrdia
Collaborators: Núria Martínez
Area: 225 m2
Customer: Paco Quirós y Carlos Crespo
Photographer: Salva Lopez
Graphic design: Maya Rolando

La Primera Restaurant is the third gastronomic project  of chef Paco Quirós and businessman Carlos Crespo.

It is located on the first floor of the iconic Grassy Building. A protected listed property on a prime location in Madrid at 1 Gran Via.

The project is in a space that had previously been used as restaurants, such as: El café Sicilia

Molinero, Gula Gula and Atalanta Restaurant. Throughout the years,  the different remodelations had been stripping the most ornamental part of the interior space evolving towards a more contemporary style.

Our project intervention has been on a surface level by dressing again the existing space following the

aesthetics of the Emblematic building where the restaurant  is located. We have created a cozy and elegant space, but with a casual and current focus aligned with the type of offer our client wants to give; ranging from breakfast service to cocktails after dinner.

The project aims to review its historic context in a respectful manner by reusing certain elements found in the original intervention. Some of the architectural elements built are soffit ceilings with illuminated moldings throughout their perimeter and round columns.

The façade has been respected, as well as the access stairways, natural  stone floorings with patterned motifs, besides the wooden window frames.

Three large wooden elements have been added to provide the warmth the space required, by adding wooden panels on the stairway, the bar, and both the wood flooring and  circular bench on the round corner.