Hotel Eme

Sevilla, 2008


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Sandra Tarruella, Isabel López, Ricard Trenchs, Laura Muñoz
Collaborators: Jordi Ginabreda, Pau Estruch, Elisabeth Rius, Tatiana Barbará, Margarita Ferrer, Manel Soler, Reyes Gifrá, Isabel Rodriguez
Area: 4.080 m2
Customer: Grupo Maireles
Photographer: Fernando Alda / Javier Ortega

Hotel Eme interior design aims to immerse the guest in a unique experience. This is achieved by reflecting the ambiance and distinctive character of the historic center of Seville, surrounded by iconic buildings such as the Giralda.

Hotel Eme was built by joining old buildings, creating diversity in the typology of rooms, variations in levels between different spaces, and a play of volumes that adds richness to the architectural ensemble. The interior design project has been carefully crafted to adapt to this amalgamation of structures, creating spaces that are truly unique.

The ambiance and decoration of the rooms and common areas seek to encapsulate the essence of Seville, capturing the history and vibrant culture of the city. Visual richness and attention to detail are highlighted in every corner of the hotel, creating an immersive experience for guests.

Furthermore, the interior design of Hotel Eme has sought to adapt to the architectural characteristics of the complex, enhancing the uniqueness of the place. The unique spaces created from the union of old buildings reinforce the identity of the hotel, providing visitors with an authentic and enveloping experience in the historic heart of Seville.

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