Hotel del Teatre

Girona, 2003


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Sandra Tarruella, Isabel Lopez
Area: 380,57 m2
Customer: Rafa Blanc

Hotel del Teatre interior design, the influences from the surroundings are evident. The Empordà region, sometimes referred to as the Catalan Tuscany, is a treasure in the Girona region of Catalonia, Spain. It benefits from a privileged climate all year round and offers a magical landscape composed of charming medieval villages and dense forests of poplars and pines. The jewel of this region is the Costa Brava, a stretch of Mediterranean coastline dotted with coves bathed in vibrant turquoise waters.

In the heart of Baix Empordà, about ten kilometers inland, lies Regencós, a small village with medieval roots and charming stone houses, where Hotel del Teatre is located. Throughout history, Regencós was known as a village of potters, and the church tower stands majestically, dominating the silhouette of the place. This architectural element adds a distinctive touch to the village skyline, reminding visitors of its rich cultural heritage.

The surroundings of Regencós offer a unique experience, merging the tranquility of a medieval village with the natural beauty of the surrounding forests. The combination of historical architecture and picturesque landscape makes Regencós a charming destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the history and serenity of the Catalan Tuscany. The team at Sandra Tarruella Interioristas has been responsible for the interior design of Hotel del Teatre.

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