Suite Ibiza Gran Hotel

Ibiza , 2023


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Blanca Comín
Collaborators: Nuria Martínez, Alex Vila, Javier Ubago
Area: 345 m2
Customer: Ibiza Gran Hotel
Photographer: Salva López

GranSuite Dalt Vila renovation at the Ibiza Gran Hotel has been an exercise in capturing the essence and beauty of the views towards Dalt Vila. The color palette of the stone walls, the white of the houses, and the green of the water in Dalt Vila inspired the selection of materials for the floor, walls, and pool.

Gray Binissalem stone has been chosen as the flooring, extending throughout the suite, both indoors, including the bathrooms, and on the terrace. Its color evokes the sand, and its aged bush-hammered finish provides a velvety feel to the touch, inviting guests to walk barefoot and enjoy the experience.

The walls are painted with a lime-based paint in off-white, referencing local architecture and providing a rich, traditional, and special texture.

Inside the suite, the new layout includes a spacious suite bedroom, where the bathtub and sink are left in view, while the toilet and Turkish bath are in cabins clad in stone. An open oak wood dressing room has also been designed.

The living room and dining room face the terrace and Dalt Vila. The spaciousness of the room has allowed for the design of custom pieces that integrate seamlessly and create an atmosphere of serene Mediterranean luxury. Specially designed pieces for the project have been combined with iconic designs.

Outside, the terrace has been divided into three areas: dining, chill-out, and pool. The infinity pool, facing Dalt Vila, creates different volumes that blur the depth and become seats, planters, steps, and pots with vegetation.

Art also plays an important role in the renovation of the Ibiza Gran Hotel. The Gran Suite Dalt Vila houses two works: a set of pieces made of pure red clay with a honey-glazed finish by craftsman Pere Coll and the “Colour Concrete Iconic Sculpture” by Franco Monti.

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