Estudio Sandra Tarruella Interioristas

Barcelona, 2010


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Laura Muñoz
Area: 120 m2
Photographer: Montse Garriga

The new Sandra Tarruella studio reflects the spirit of team work and communication between all parts. The office – a mezzanine that had formerly been a home – was completely emptied in order to obtain a wide open space in which to place a large working table at which all collaborators can participate in the development of projects. Only two rooms were left at both ends, to serve as meeting rooms – one for meetings with clients and the other for internal meetings, with a small kitchen and access to the courtyard.

The concept behind this new office space was to move away from a minimalist, static and austere aesthetics to emphasise the idea of a relaxed working space. For that purpose, the wooden flooring provides the required warmth and is the base for white desks, different chairs that were either restored or part of our sample collection, and an old table for making models and displaying sample boards. When the ceiling was removed, the beams and arched brickwork vaults were revealed and a sinuous water piping circuit was exposed, and this served as the basis for designing a matching circuit of electrical conducts that run throughout the whole office area like crossing roads.

This new element was used to create a playful set of lamps at different heights over the large working table, as well as a number of other hanging elements. The air conditioning conduct and metal shelving unit, for storing catalogues and sample cases, give the space an industrial flavour.