Eleven BCN

Barcelona, 2017


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Anna Torndelacreu
Collaborators: Olga Pajares,
Area: 430 m2
Customer: NH Calderon Collection
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer

Eleven Bcn cocktail bar design was a challenge on many levels. The new Eleven Bcn cocktail bar is located on the pool terrace of the NH Collection Gran Hotel Calderón, boasting panoramic views of the city of Barcelona. The iconic building, constructed in the 1970s, was part of the cultural movement known as La Gauche Divine in Barcelona during that decade.

Eleven Bcn cocktail bar design draws inspiration from the aesthetics, social context, and contemporary spaces of the era, incorporating works by artists such as Leopoldo Pomés and Xavier Miserachs. The bar, positioned as the central nucleus of the space, connects with the exterior through large windows.