El Celler de Can Roca

Girona, 2008


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Sandra Tarruella, Isabel López y Ricard Trenchs
Collaborators: Jordi Ginabreda, Tatiana Barbará, Margarita Ferrer, Cecilia Moretti, Isabel Rodriguez, Laura Muñoz
Area: 792,55 m²
Customer: Hermanos Roca
Photographer: Alejo Bagué - Rafael Vargas

The new Celler de Can Roca restaurant is situated in the old Can Sunyer tower and adjacent buildings, where banquets and celebrations have been held until now.  In this tower that dates from 1911, two building extensions have been carried out: one large triangular lounge, which opens to views of the street and a curved porch in the back garden.  These extensions were done in 1994 and 1999 respectively.  Both spaces connect to the original tower via the old porch, this connection providing more surface area for celebrations although still allowing the spaces to function independently.

The assignment to create a new restaurant for a limited number of guests – given the intricate and exquisite character of its cooking – and to create a relaxed and intimate Over the years, the success of Celler de Can Roca restaurant has been based on the contribution of each of the Roca brothers.  This three-part collaboration has achieved, apart from good service, a perfect harmony of cooking, pastries and wine cellar.

This three-part set has been the point of departure for the new architectural design, the motive of which was the desire to boost the triangular space of the existing dining room and to work with the idea of three gardens of totally different but complementary character.