Bodegas Marques de Murrieta

La Rioja, 2014


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Cecilia Moretti
Collaborators: Núria Calderón, Anna Torndelacreu, Elsa Noms
Area: 350 m2
Customer: Marqués de Murrieta
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer

The project in Marqués de Murrieta Cellar was born to create the facilities needed to welcome visitors and to offer a wine tasting experience in the Castle on the Ygay land. The aim was also to explain the history of Marqués de Murrieta to customers and friends; and to all those people going to see the cellar whether they are private visits or less reduced groups.

Our project developed in the castle and in the shop. We aimed at being respectful towards the architecture therein, which “welcomed” us. We did our best to highly value lighting, material and furniture choice. We also wanted to express and shape the essence, elegance and history of Marqués de Murrieta through our design.

The castle undertook an important restoration during 8 years and nowadays, it is offering a polyvalent site with a museum, some lounges, wine tasting rooms and dining-rooms where we can live a unique gastronomical experience, and we can enjoy and know about the wine they produce, their history, modernization and international expectations.”