Barcelona, 2019


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Anna Torndelacreu
Collaborators: Pia Galofré, Blanca Comin
Area: 1.047 m2
Customer: Grupo Olive
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer

“The Barceloneta Restaurant, one of the most emblematic of the Olivé Group, continues to be very successful, since its opening in 1996.

The commission was to update its image without losing the seafaring essence and the warmth of its dining rooms, while allowing great flexibility of use.

The restaurant is organized in three levels. On the ground floor there is the entrance hall, on the first floor the dining room and main terrace is located, and the second floor is reserved for private parties. All the spaces are connected by a large main staircase to walk diners through. At the staircase, a large ceramic mural has been created, and it is inspired by the codes of the nautical flags. This colorist element adds brightness and dynamism, becoming a great focal point from the  access area.

Our purpose was to purify the space by introducing richer materials and more contemporary marine codes. Also, by providing more clarity and luminosity, while maintaining the cozy ambience of the space.

In particular, we have worked on the atrezzo concept, by placing new elements that provide a new marine image. We have collaborated with Carme Balada to develop a collection of new vases – inspired by marine elements – as well as Claudia Valsells, who has created 4 pieces that explain the geographical history of Barceloneta based on her technique and color.

The final result is a current, bright and cozy space. One that is inspired by the image of a yacht club,  and that relates to the good quality of gastronomic products that diners can enjoy at the restaurant.