Ana La Santa

Madrid, 2013


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Cecilia Moretti
Collaborators: Núria Calderón, Carla Manresa
Area: 483 m2
Customer: En Compañia de Lobos
Photographer: Meritxell Arjalaguer
Graphic design: Run Design

Ana la Santa restaurant refurbishment arises from the suggestions of clients Tomas Tarruella and Perico Cortes. Both had the vision of creating a space that houses various gastronomic options and ways to enjoy food, all within the same premises.

The concept of Ana La Santa is materialized in the creation of four distinct zones that are organized around the large central bar, which acts as the axis and focal point of the establishment. The bar not only serves as an area for preparation and service but also contributes to unifying the space and creating a centralized experience for customers.