Barcelona, 2023


Creative direction: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas
Responsible: Laura Porta
Area: 423m2
Customer: Grupo Trapío
Photographer: Salva López

Jorge Gay de Montella, from the Trapío group, commissioned Sandra Tarruella’s studio to renovate the old Bimba’s restaurant. In this intervention, our vision was to to turn the space around and put this new version of the restaurant on the list of Barcelona’s top gastronomic offer. It is located next to Diagonal Avenue, an important axis of the city.

Alrevés is a Mediterranean restaurant offering lunch, dinner and cocktails. The place also has a terrace that shades and oxygenates the main façade with vegetation.

The initial idea of the proposed project was to give the space light and a home-like appearance, turning the dining room into a large white box that contrasts with the dark wood flooring, and at the same time giving it coziness and elegance with the use of natural high-quality materials. The ceiling grid, made with acoustic absorbent wooden slats, not only adds aesthetic value to the dining room, but also contributes to the acoustic comfort of the room. We also played with the furniture arrangement, by placing tables and chairs of different shapes and colors that transform the restaurant into a dynamic and original space in which everyone finds their spot, and we also incorporated categorical and focal lighting that has a vital importance within the ambience of the project.

We have remodeled the existing tables and bar by giving them a new image that we crowned by adding a large custom-made metal and wood cup holder.

At the entrance, guests are welcomed in a cozy lounge area, where they can wait for their table, or enjoy either a cocktail or a drink after eating. The dining space is divided with a large central service station that allows to divide the interior dining room into two areas. The furniture in the project is mainly made of oak and Iroko wood. Tables for large parties and custom furniture have also been designed, which act as bold sculptural pieces, providing nuances and originality to the space.

The terrace layout was resolved as an extension of the interiors, which flows outwards through the use of the same language and with the extension of the white ceiling towards the outside. We colonized this space by gardening it with a series of pots of different heights and sizes that light up at night and create a very pleasant and magical garden atmosphere in the heart of the city.