17th Seminars of Disseny - EASD Castelló

17th Seminars of Disseny – EASD Castelló

Last  January the 31st,  we had the pleasure of participating in the Design Days organized by the EASD Castelló school. Ricard Trenchs gave a lecture on restoration projects and how to understand space.

We are delighted that our participation has been satisfactory for all participants.


Tarruella Trenchs Studio Conference

The interior designer Ricard Trenchs Matas, partner of Tarruella Trenchs Studio, gave a lecture on the most representative projects of the studio he shares with Sandra Tarruella on Monday, January 23rd.

The talk reviewed from general concepts of the sector to major reforms in restoration projects, from the interpretation of the client’s needs to the conceptualization of the result.

Diseñadores de Alta Cocina

Entrevista en el suplemento “Quién” de La Vanguardia

“Tarruella y Trenchs se conocieron en una Trattoria y llevan años conectando la gastronomía con el mejor Interiorismo.  Su trabajo consiste en crear un entorno agradable para hacer mas intensa la experiencia de comer. Entre los más de cien establecimientos que han diseñado se encuentran los de algunos de los mejores Chefs” apunta Eva Millet.

Restaurant Ena

Inauguration in Sevilla.

Ena connects Sevilla and Barcelona in Alfonso XIII hotel in Sevilla.
The catalan chef Carlos Abellan, entrusted in our study for the space

8th International Outdoor Furniture Contest GANDIA BLASCO

We have participated as a Jury in the 8th International Gandia Blasco Outdoor Furniture Contest

It has been a pleasure to participate as a Jury member
in the 8th International Gandia Blasco Outdoor Furniture Contest.


ROCAMBOLESC ICE CREAM SHOP of Sandra Tarruella Interioristas, BEST BAR IN EUROPE 2013

Rocambolesc, the Roca Brother’s ice cream shop has been recognized as the Best Bar in Europe by the“2013 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards”.
The main architects, interior designers, light designers and the UK restaurateur industry met to reward the most innovative establishment designs.More than 670 projects from 60 different countries competed in the 5th edition of the “Restaurant and Bar Design Awards”.
The winners were announced last week during a ceremony held in the Farmiloe Building in Clerkwell, London.The best European Bar Award was recieved by Sandra Tarruella Interioristas an interior design studio from Barcelona.
Sandra Tarruella Studio that also took part in El Celler de Can Roca and in Roca Moo of Omm Hotel carried out the Rocambolesc interior design during 2012. The ice cream shop of Jordi Roca located in the centre of Girona city.
Rocambolesc impressed the jury members with it’s design freshness which counts on the fantasy aesthetics inspired in Tim Burton’s film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sandra Tarruella Interioristas has taken part in the interior design of very renowned restaurants such as Nandu Jubany, Carlos Abellán and Notting Hill Kitchen, a new restaurant of the portuguese Chef
Luis Baena.


Seven spanish studios among the finalists of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas is in luck!
This is because our ice cream shop project Rocambolesc has
given us the oportunity to become one of the candidates to win
the Best Bar in Europe award.

Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca
*** Michelin 2012
Nº1 The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013

This last monday of April the Catalan restaurant received the award in London as the gastronomy world’s leader. Becoming the first of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World list. Our studio wishes to warmly congratulate all your team! It is such a pleasure working with you!

Roca Moo and Roca Bar

Moo Restaurant renovation.

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas team, was again the author of interior design
restaurant. rather, restaurantsMoo Roca and Roca Bar located in the lobby Hotel Omm in Barcelona


New Local in Milan

The team Sandra Tarruella Interioristas  has completed a new restaurant from the chain Panino Giusto in Largo Carrobbio, Milan.

Buenas Migas

Opening of a new local designed by Sandra Tarruella Interioristas studio.

Sandra Tarruella team has completed a new restaurant for Buenas Migas restaurants in Barcelona.

COLMADO, new restaurant in Toulouse

New restaurant in Toulouse.

Today September 13th, 2012 the restaurant COLMADO will be open. This is a place with three levels, large spaces and we have kept the original structure. The COLMADO is a Spanish restaurant where you can eat tapas or dishes.

México DF, ¡puro interiorismo!

An article about Bar Tomate México has been published in el Periódico.

This is our first project in México!

Mural Heineken

Bottle caps New Concept made by sandra tarruella interioristas studio.

A mural creation that introduces and identifies the Heineken brand world’s
as a leit motiv.

More info: studio facebook 

New project in Toulouse

New project of sandra tarruella interioristas in Toulouse.

sandra tarruella interioristas is working in the remodelation
of a Touluse old cinema to become it in a new restaurant
called Le Colmado.


sandra tarruella interioristas has remodeled the ground floor of La Xina restaurant.

Since now La Xina restaurant will be living together with Luzia, a new brasserie pizzeria with a wood-fired oven.

New terraces

Terraces are in vogue in Barcelona

The study sandra tarruella interioristas has made the rehabilitation work on the terrace of the Hotel Omm in Barcelona and  the new terrace at the restaurant Cuines Santa Caterina also in Barcelona.

Luzi Bombon

New award for sandra tarruella interioristas.

Luzi Bombon has been Finalist 2011 by Metropolis Awards in the category of Best decor.

Carta de Vinos

New project form Sandra Tarruella Interioristas.

The study sandra tarruella interior designers has made the new store of Wine Todovino chain in Madrid.
See article in El Pais

Christmas ELLE

Elle Christmas with La Cantina Restaurant

Christmas ELLE propouse to take a break in La Cantina restaurant, one of the latest projects made for sandra tarruella interioristas.

El Japonés @22

Inauguración nuevo restaurante en Barcelona de sandra tarruella interioristas.

On November 7 opened @ 22 Japanese restaurant located in the building MEDIAPRO in Barcelona whose interior, was carried out by the study sandra tarruella interioristas.

AD Interview

Interview No. 62 of October 2011 AD magazine

HAND MADE Less ‘vintage’: You will lose importance in favor of Nordic contemporary design and hand made crafts today. Second Skin: Fine materials treated naturally. Iron, wood, leather, wool, linen, vegetable dyes … On the ground, new asymmetrical striped kilims basic colors ….. Much art insurance values ​​as Scully, Chillida, Giacometti, Plensa, Morandi, Rothko, Serra … and African art. In colors for walls and fabrics, neutral tones in the range of the stone, gray with brown and raw. Touches pot and soil and olive green eggplant.


Opening of the Basque Culinary Center, the University of the kitchen

On September 26 in San Sebastian opened the BCC, the first Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and Arts, in which our study has made ​​the project of one of its restaurants. The fantastic building designed by VAUMM Arquitectos is located on a hillside, inside the Miramon Technology Park, just outside San Sebastian. The day-time restaurant, in the main access floor of the building, is intended to be a continuation of the spaces defined by the architecture and respond to the basic needs of a cooking school canteen mainly aimed for students and faculty staff, but one that invites others to enjoy.

Luzi Bombon

Opening a new restaurant in Madrid.

The new restaurant in Madrid, from Grupo Tragaluz, originates from the premise of creating a versatile space, functioning from breakfast to after dinner drinks, and inviting people from all ages to enter.

La Cantina Restaurant

New Project by Sandra Tarruella Estudio

The main feeling that it was intended to convey with this project is to enter in a dynamic, young, fun and fresh space which is reflected in the use of materials and colors as in the distribution of furniture that is made mostly with communal tables.

Chiringuito Pez Vela

New project by Sandra Tarruella Interioristas.

The new restaurant designed by Sandra Tarruella Interioristas is the “Chiringuito” Pez Vela, located in the basement of the W Hotel Barcelona. It is a young and casual place to enjoy summer, but at the same time mixed with warm materials like wood and a chimney to invite to enjoy it in winter.

Tragaluz Restaurant

22 years after Tragaluz become younger.

After the renovation, the Tragaluz is still the same old but younger and updated. 22 years after it opened, its name is stronger. Sandra Tarruella Interioristas team has been responsible for the design of new project interpreting the ideas of Grupo Tragaluz. The result manages to keep the essence created by Pepe Cortes in the Tragaluz, giving special prominence to the kitchen and promoting the entry of light in all spaces.

Agua Restaurant

Renovation of Agua Restaurant

On February 12, the Agua Restaurant opened its doors after the renovation carried out by Study SandraTarruella Interioristas

L'Obrador c/ República Argentina

Opening of another Moli Vell store.

On January 26 the second store L’Obrador was opened, located on República Argentina street inBarcelona with the new image created by the interior designers Study Sandra Tarruella.

Woman interview

Areas of success. Interviwe to Sandra Tarruella in Wowan magazine

“Secrets of Interior: I think we should not lose innocence.
Three keys to a restaurant: First, you must be in the right place, visible from the street, be very transparent tonot fear to enter.
Interview for the magazine Woman No. 220 January 2011 – Page 206-209

L'Obrador del Moli

L’Obrador del Moli opens its doors.

The popular chain of bakeries El Moli Vell has reopened its store in Manuel de Falla 32, with the new image taken by the team Sandra Tarruella Interioristas.

Can Jubany

New image of the restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes.

Today it has reopened the restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes after 2 months of remodeling in which the establishment has changed from top to bottom through the work of the interior designers Sandra Tarruella andRichard Trenchs.
The reorganization of space has given another dimension to all according to Nando‘s Jubany kitchen, preserving the rustic character but refined and updated.


Mordisco Restaurant reopened

Grupo Tragaluz has become to trust the team Tarruella Interioristas Sandra to reopen the legendary venue theMordisco.
Located in the Pasaje de la Concepción of Barcelona, ​​this place has been sought to convey the feeling of being “at home. “

interview Nuevo Estilo

Sandra Tarruella with Spanish Interior designers.

“A room with sights is for me the perfect luxury” this are the words that define the why to go to a determinate Hotel on the interview that Nuevo Estilo magazine has done to Sandra Tarruella on its number 388 pag. 32

Interview AD

AD Magazine interview to Sandra Tarruella.

The centerpiece of the house, the center of relationships. A large space, clean, bright and practical. This is what Sandra Tarruella says in the interview for the magazine AD deco key paragraph at No. 47 pag.198-199

Interview ELLE

Interview with Sandra Tarruella for section GourmetElle.

Sandra Tarruella, here there is Tomate, success becomes all the locales that idea, the most designer ‘IN’ tells us how. By Joana Uribe at No. 284, p. ELLE magazine. 218/219

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2010

Sandra Tarruella & Isabel Lopez Interioristas are finalists in Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2010.

Sandra Tarruella & Isabel Lopez interioristas are finalists in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2010 in the category of international restaurants with restaurant BRAVO 24 located in the W Hotel in Barcelona, the awards ceremony will take place next June 22 in London.

Interview AD

Sandra Tarruella interview for the AD magazine in January 2010.

Sandra Tarruella interview for the Magazine AD of January 2010  nº 44 in “my obsession” “Practice modernity with roots, mixing the flavor with the` cool ‘, and signed the places more ‘hip’ of Barcelona: Bar Lobo, La Xina, El Omm …

Metropoli 2009 award

Critics of La Luna de Metropoli, Week End magazine leader in Madrid, have chosen Bar Tomate as Best Decoration

Sandra Tarruella has hit with the interior of the new commitment of Rosa Esteva (Grupo Tragaluz) in Madrid .Industrial aesthetic, recovered furniture, vintage chairs, pieces of iron and kitchen view.
Critics of La Luna de Metropoli have chosen the most outstanding and professional establishments of the capital restoration last season. The Bar Tomate has got the Best Decoration award 2009.

Interview On Diseño

Interview to Sandra Tarruella on the Section Cooking with History

When I was young, when we went to eat somewhere or went on a trip, we thought it was fun to play with my family at discovering the ingredients that made up the dish we were tasting. and when we got home, my mother tried to reproduce the recipe with the same ingredients. But it never tasted the same because she always changed something or added some special condiment. This creativity is typical of good cookers and it is something that I think her children have also inherited.

Celler de Can Roca

Congratulations !!!!!

Our most sincere congratulations to our client EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA by its third Michelin star.

Iplus Award

Sandra Tarruella and Isabel Lopez have received the Iplus Award for Best Hotel Project.

On November 4 took place IPLUS Awards organized by Via Group.
The award for the Best Hotel Project Iplus was to Tarruella & Lopez for HOTEL EME in Sevilla.

New open Restaurant in Madrid

The studio Sandra Tarruella Interioristas has done a Restaurant, Bar Tomate, in Madrid.

On thursday October 22 has opened a new restaurant in Madrid from Grupo Tragaluz, designed by Sandra Tarruella Interioristas studio.
This is the rehabilitation of an existing restaurant, with a collage of materials and textures that provide a recovered image, informal, dynamic and natural.

Blog Tomate restaurant


Finalists FAD Award 2009

Tarruella&Lopez.Interioristas, are finalists on the FAD Awards 2009 with EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA.

A total of 27 works (14 in the category of Architecture, 6 in Interior Design, 3 in City and Landscape and 4 in Intervention ephemeral) are the finalists in the 51 FAD Awards of Architecture and Interior Design, awarded by Arquinfad.
This year we have been selected in the category of Interior Design with our work: Restaurant CELLER DE CAN ROCA in Girona.

Pasqual Maragall Fundacio

Pasqual Maragall Fundacio project has already finished.

Tarruella & Lopez studio has completed a project for the PRBB consisting of offices for the Fundació Pasqual Maragall for Research on Alzheimer’s.

Decada Price Awards, 2009

Finalists in the X Década price award by the foundation Oscar Tusquets

A classic has to pass the test of time and usage. This is the approach Década Architecture Prize, awarded by the Foundation Oscar Tusquets Blanca, which rewards the best work of architecture built in Barcelona after 10 years of its execution.
The Milanese architect and designer Alessandro Mendini has served as juror of awards this year.

The interior designers Sandra Tarruella & Isabel Lopez have been finalists with their project Negro Restaurant made in 1999.

The S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants 2009

Our client and project El Celler de Can Roca has escalated to fifth place in The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2009

“El Celler de Can Roca is the work of three brothers: head chef Joan Roca, maitre d’ and head sommelier Josep and pastry chef Jordi. Such a meteroric climb into the top 10 might be attributed to their move and new state-of-the-art kitchen-cum-lab, a wine cellar that offers customers an audio-visual journey through five key wine regions and a breathtaking dining space created with natural, organic materials and an abundance of natural light.” www.theworlds50best.com